Single Mother’s and Lonely Children’s Christmas Party

Single mothers rarely have the location to host a party. Other’s have few people they can count on for responsible guest for themselves or their children. Even worse, the children suffer as they rarely get the chance to attend a house party with children of their own age. Jimmy has no children but knows women with children. He hangs lights and buys those he can gifts. He is planning to spread the cheer of the Christmas season in an unusual way. He will provide his house to single mothers and their children to meet others in a night of cheer. Alchahol will be permitted with an identification.

He has access to two homes, side by side with the inner yard and outer yard both lighted. There is room and he invites every single mother that wants to treat their child to a group party with other single mothers both homes from 4:00 p.m. to 3:00 a.m. Bring treats and gifts for their children. Bring your own beverages to be added to the pool and let the kids and yourself have fun. Games, Christmas shows, music and responsible adult drinking in a home environment. The number single mothers and their children will be limited by the arrangements so call soon.